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QnA is a specialized provider of professional & in-house trainings across different industry verticals focused on Management, Investor Relations, Personal Development, Sales & Marketing, IT, Banking, Finance and Business Strategy.

Companies globally are investing in people to attain a competitive edge. Keeping in mind this indispensable need to grow and expand; QnA Trainings offers a comprehensive line up of trainings designed to integrate new advancements of the ever changing business environment. Whether it is a Leadership training, Executive Assistant master class or a Cross Cultural Management workshop, we have a highly qualified and experienced trainer to ‘walk the talk’ with you. QnA works with the best trainers in the industry in order to facilitate and improve organizational performance and achieve desired results. We work with some of the leading organizations and also provide them with tailor made in-house trainings to meet their requirements. Training schedules and agendas are all pre-arranged before trainings to create a more interactive, seamless and productive session.

These are dynamic and highly interactive sessions having a mix of role plays, individual and group diagnostic exercises, short presentations, problem solving, case vignettes, in-program coaching and multi - sensory learning format. If you are interested to know more about our specialized courses or want us to design a tailor made course for your organization please contact us at +971 4 388 5545 or by email:

At the end of the Masterclass you will have an understanding of:
  • Islamic Economic system (IES)
  • IES as an alternate economic system
  • Consumer Finance & Islamic Finance Products
  • Deposits and Finance portfolio in IFI's
  • Types of Sukuk
  • Managing Treasury of an IFI
  • What is Takaful
  • Shariah Compliant JV, mutual funds, VC
  • IES, Socialism & Capitalism
  • Major prohibitions in IES
  • Islamic Corporate Finance solutions
  • Shariah Compliant Securitization
  • Shariah Audit
  • Options of Acceptance of funds
  • Takaful models
  • Structuring Personal Finance & Credit Cards in IFI's
  • Islamic Law of Contract
  • Islamic Law of Contract & Conventional Business Law
  • Deposit generation & profit distribution
  • Science of Sukuk
  • Shariah Audit of products
  • Various Options of how to do placements of funds
  • Entrepreneurship in a Shariah Compliant manner

and so much more...

Esteemed Trainer:

Dr. Muhammad Imran Ashraf Usmani, MPhil, PhD Islamic Finance, LLB.

Dr Imran Ashraf Usmani is a distinguished shariah scholar, educationist, entrepreneur and a visionary leader. He is the CEO of Usmani & Co Pvt. Ltd. He is well known and revered in the Islamic seminaries and corporate sectors. With an MPhil, LLB and PhD in Islamic Finance, he is on the steering committee for implementation of Islamic banking. He heads the Group of Resident Shariah Board of Meezan Bank and is the Executive Shariah Board Member of Guidance Financial Group, Shariah Supervisory Board Member, Bank Sarasin (Switzerland) and Shariah Board Member of AIG Chartis Takaful (Bahrain).

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