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Booking Conditions & Cancellation Policy: Q N A International reserves the right to decline your registration without reason. Acceptance of your registration will be confirmed in writing by email. As a participant you agree to undertake all activities and session organised by Q N A International during Open Banking Revolution Summit. We understand that sometimes you are unable to attend, in which case we will allow a substitute delegate for the same event (subject to the Q N A International’s protocol team’s approval).

Please let us know at least five working days before the congress in writing to confirm this. The organiser reserves the right to make alterations to the venue, dates, program, speakers and participants of the Event and/or to cancel the Event. In no circumstances shall Q N A International LLC bear liability for any damage or loss, which might occur to persons and/or properties during the Event, including specifically disturbances of possession and all commercial losses. Since our insurance does not cover the attendees, it is up to you to subscribe third-party liability insurance. Q N A International LLC is granted the right to use, for promotional purposes, any material recorded at the Event, whether in photographic, audio or audio-visual format, without time limitation and in any format. The attendees hereby give up any privacy right they might have due to their presence at the Event and accept not to enter into any legal proceedings against us arising from our use of such material.

Force Majeure: In case of force majeure or because of a fact due to a third party which cannot be attributable to Q N A International LLC, including but not limited to acts of God, fires, floods, pandemic, epidemic, windstorms, explosions, riots, natural disasters, wars, terrorist attacks, sabotage, strikes, shortages of labour or material, vendor failures, transportation embargoes or acts of any governmental or governmental agency, Q N A International LLC may at its discretion postpone or delay the event at the venue, conditions and modalities chosen by Q N A International LLC, and Q N A International LLC shall not be sued for liability.

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23 June, 2021 | (KSA Day) | Virtual event


An interactive virtual event focusing on GCC’s path to open banking revolution

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