Professional Trainings and In-House Trainings

Professional Trainings and In-House Trainings

QnA is a specialized provider of professional trainings across different industry verticals focused on Management, Investor Relations, Personal Development, Sales & Marketing, Corporate IT, Banking, Finance and Business Strategy.

Companies globally are investing in people to attain a competitive edge. Keeping in mind this indispensable need to grow and expand; QnA offers a comprehensive line up of trainings designed to integrate new advancements of the ever changing business environment.

QnA works with the best trainers in the industry in order to facilitate and improve organizational performance and achieve desired results. We work with some of the leading organizations and also provide them with tailor made in-house trainings to meet their requirements. Training schedules and agendas are all pre-arranged before trainings to create a more interactive, seamless and productive session.

Each of our training programs' is a 2 day comprehensive course with a maximum of 25 people per training. These are dynamic and highly interactive sessions having a mix of role plays, individual and group diagnostic exercises, short presentations, problem solving, case vignettes, in-program coaching and multi - sensory learning format.

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