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About QnA International

QnA International is an industry expert and leader in the field of B2B Events, Summits, Conferences, Outsourced Sponsorship Sales, Creative Design and Professional Consultancy. Our passion, positivity and dynamic approach, are the key factors which have contributed to QnA's recognition & growth since its inception. As the indisputable market pioneer, QnA International is always thinking out of the box and creating something unique for each and every partner.

QnA International's combined experience of more than 20 years has helped in providing world-class, quality products for its clients. We are focused on delivering excellence in all our projects and have a strong dedication towards achieving the vision and goals of our clients. With a growing portfolio of conferences, summits and training, ranging from Travel & Tourism to Destination Weddings, Trade Finance to Human Resource and Technology, QnA International caters to a wide range of industries, in correlation with the present and future demands of the global economy.

We are driven by passion and a genuine commitment towards providing the highest standard of events while building strong, positive business relationships with our partners and clients. We believe in open communication and evolving with the market, to provide the best industry standard solutions. An ever evolving and progressive company, QnA International prides itself in its multi-cultural work environment and philosophy that is strongly based on producing high caliber, unique projects. Transforming the way the events are perceived and created, QnA International delivers impactful experiences that are firmly grounded in its core values and ideologies.




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